My Articles

Aside from this blog, I also publish about the ancient world in other venues. The following are currently available and might be of interest to the general public.

“Persian Standards in the Fifth and Fourth Century BCE,” Ancient Warfare Magazine III.6 (2009): What kind of battle standards did Achaemenid armies use?  And is it a coincidence that the first Greek or Macedonian general known to have used one is Alexander’s favourite Hephaistion? (link)

“Some Thoughts on Finance and Supply in the Cyropaedia,” Cyrus’ Paradise Online Conference (2012): Why doesn’t Xenophon say more about the sinews of war in the Cyropaedia? (link)

“The Cyropaedia and Later Prose Fictions,” Cyrus’ Paradise Online Conference (2012): Is the use of a narrative to sweeten teaching so unusual? (link)

“Raising Cyrus’ Army,” Ancient Warfare Magazine VII.5 (2013): A shorter version of my MA thesis (link)

“On Flaming Arrows and Incendiary Cats,” Medieval Warfare Magazine IV.5 (2014): What should we make about stories that famous generals used flaming animals to destroy their enemies? (link)

“A War at Sea? The Victoria Navalis,” Ancient Warfare Magazine VIII.5 (2014): Do Roman coins with the legend VICTORIA NAVALIS commemorate the first Jewish revolt? (link)

“The Source: The Hittite Guards’ Rule,” Ancient Warfare Magazine IX.3 (2015): What was life like in the bodyguard of the Hittite kings? (link).

(I later participated in the podcast for that issue of Ancient Warfare Magazine, ‘The Hittites and their Successors’).

“The Achaemenid storehouse at Arad: Reading potsherds,” Ancient Warfare Magazine X.4 (2016) What was life like for guards at the storehouse at Arad in Idumaea? (link)

“Counting the words that remain: Survival of the fittest,” Ancient History 7 (2016): How many words do the ancient texts in different languages add up to? And just how many ancient languages can we read today? (link)

“The battle between order and chaos: Marduk and Tiamat.” Ancient History 9 (2017): How did Marduk and Tiamat come to battle for rule of the cosmos? (link)

A lengthier list of my publications and talks is available on my page or in my academic CV.

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