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Over on closed social media, someone asked for books published between 2005 and 2020 which readers of Ancient Warfare Magazine should know about. I thought the list was too interesting to get lost on closed social media, so I copied it here, deleting the things which were published too early and the ones which summoned pushback and ones which cost more than about $150.

A question mark ? notes books which I have not flipped through (or been recommended to me by someone I know and respect), and an obelus † marks books which I could not recommend without warnings.

  • Armstrong, Jeremy “Early Roman Warfare: From the Regal Period to the First Punic War” (2016) / “War and Society in Early Rome: from Warlords to Generals” (2016: the ‘full scholarly apparatus’ version) ?
  • Bishop and Coulston, “Roman Military Equipment” (2006, 2nd ed.)
  • Brouwers, Josho (2013) Henchmen of Ares: Warriors and Warfare in Early Greece (Karwansaray Publishers: Rotterdam)
  • Chaniotis, Angelos (2005) War in the Hellenistic World: A Social and Cultural History (Blackwell: Walden, MA)
  • Clark, Jessica H. “Triumph in Defeat: Military Loss and the Roman Republic” (2014)
  • Cole, Myke “Legion versus Phalanx” ?
  • D’Amato, Raffaele / Sumner, Graham”Arms and Armour of the Imperial Roman Soldier: From Marius to Commodus, 112 BC–AD 192″ †
  • Darnell, John / Manassa, Colleen (2007) Tutankhamun’s Armies: Battle and Conquest During Ancient Egypt’s Late Eighteenth Dynasty (Wiley: Malden, MA)
  • Eckstein, “Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome” ?
  • Erdkamp, Paul (ed.) “A Companion to the Roman Army” (2007) ?
  • Fischer “Army of the Roman Emperors” ?
  • Fischer-Bovet, Christelle “Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt” (2014)
  • Guédon, Stéphanie “La Frontiere romaine de l’Africa sous le Haute Empire” (2018) http://books.openedition.org/cvz/6597 ?
  • Hanson, Victor Davis “A War like No Other” †
  • Haynes, Ian “Blood of the Provinces: The Roman Auxilia and the Making of Provincial Society from Augustus to the Severans” (2013)
  • Halsall, Guy (2007) “Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, 376–568” ?
  • Heather, Peter “Empires and Barbarians” ?
  • James, Simon “Rome and the Sword” (2011) ?
  • Karunanithy, D. “The Macedonian War Machine” (Pen & Sword 2013)
  • Konijnendijik, Roel “Classical Greek Tactics: A Cultural History” (2018)
  • Lee, A. Doug “War in Late Antiquity” (2007)
  • Lee, John “A Greek Army on the March” (2007)
  • Lendon, J.E. “Soldiers and Ghosts” (Yale 2005)
  • Matthew, Christopher “An Invincible Beast: Understanding the Hellenistic Pike Phalanx in Action” (2016) ?
  • McNab, Chris (ed.) “The Roman Army: The Greatest War Machine of the Ancient World” (2012) ?
  • Murray, William M. “The Age of Titans: The Rise and Fall of the Great Hellenistic Navies” (2012)
  • De Souza, Philip (ed.) (2008) The Ancient World at War. A Global History (Thames & Hudson: London)
  • Rawlings, L. “The Ancient Greeks at War” (2007)
  • Rusch, Scott M. “Sparta at War: Strategy, Tactics and Campaigns, 950-362 BC.” (2011) ?
  • Ruzicka, S. “Trouble in the West: Egypt and the Persian Empire” (2012)
  • Sabin, Philip “Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World” (2007)
  • Sim and Kaminski, “Roman Imperial Armour: The Production of Early Imperial Military Armour” (2012) †
  • Spalinger, Anthony J. (2005) War in Ancient Egypt: The New Kingdom (Wiley-Blackwell: Malden, MA)
  • Tritle, Lawrence A. “A New History of the Peloponnesian War” (2009)
  • Waterfield, Robin “Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander the Great’s Empire” (2011) ?
  • Wittke, Anne-Maria / Olshausen, Eckart / Szydlak, Richard (2012) Historischer Atlas der Antiken Welt (J. B. Metzler: Stuttgart-Weimar)

What books would my gentle readers add to the list?