a photo of a short, bearded man in a checkered shirt standing in front of a stone fireplace with a Christmas stocking

My father, Kelly Bert Manning, has died at a hospice in Canada at the age of 66 from complications related to multiple myeloma. He was diagnosed in spring 2016. At that time, my passport was at a foreign embassy; at this time, travel was not practical for other reasons. I am told that the hospital and hospice staff were exemplary despite the current circumstances, and they saved my father’s life in earlier crises in 2016 and 2019 when he was not expected to survive.

My man Epicurus teaches that death is nothing to us, because nothing good or bad can happen to someone who does not exist. He does not have much to say for survivors, except that it would be foolish to suffer because someone else is not. But human beings are foolish creatures.

I hope that I can write a proper obituary later.

In 2014, I took some sorrows and helplessness in my offline life and sat down and wrote what became the first chapter of my PhD thesis. And I poured into it all of my frustrations, and all the lessons that people had not realized they were teaching me, and I made something remarkable. Later, someone told me that some other writers do the same. But I do not know what to do about this and I am tired.

I have a pipeline of posts scheduled until the end of August. After that, I do not know what I will do.

Edit 2020-07-22: We have not yet gotten organized to write something for https://earthsoption.com/tribute/details/2401/Kelly-MANNING/obituary.html We are letting people know directly and we are scattered.