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A large hall with glass windows, bookshelves between them, and a balcony encircling the room accessed by a spiral staircase

The library of Stift Wilten, Innsbruck, in October 2014

I have been blogging for a year and a third now, and I seem to have about twenty weekly readers. I have more or less kept my plans to post once a week on something loosely related to the ancient world and the martial side of history, although a few weird science-fiction devices like cuirassier armour and thoughts about education policy in Canada have crept in. My most popular post seems to be the one where I ask whether the Greeks wore glued linen armour.

As I recover from a busy semester, it seems time to ask some of my gentle readers to speak up and tell me what they would like to see. Bronze Age or Iron Age? Books or swords? Canadian politics or intrigue at the King’s court? Travel pictures or long passages in prose? I can’t guarantee that anything which you suggest will catch my fancy, but I will at least think about it.

Post Scriptum: This blog has received 31,803 spam comments and less than ten real ones. There is a good chance that real comments will not show up right away due to WordPress’ filter system. I will check in a few times this week to approve real comments.